How to hire an Editor for Your Videos. Top 4 Options Reviewed

How to hire an Editor for Your Videos. Top 4 Options Reviewed

How to hire an Editor for your Videos.Top 4 options reviewed

We know. You probably never thought that you'd require hiring an editor for your video. However, here's the reality we all know: content makers are always super busy.

You are learning many new abilities every day to become even better. It's like being a CEO of a company. Simultaneously trying to come up with new ideas for video content. Now, that's a workload!

However, it's true that you don't really have to handle the entire work by yourself. One of the primary ways to expand your business is knowing which tasks you are able to assign to others. For creators of video content one of these is clear: video editing.

The hiring of a professional editor lets you free up time to concentrate on what you enjoy. Also, with rapid and high-quality video output you'll be able to make up for the expense.

There are many ways to employ videographers, every one with its pros and cons. Making the right choice isn't easy. We'll dissect the four most to make it easier for you to make the best choice for.

1. DIY (Do It Yourself) Editing videos

Before we discuss how to employ a Video editor, let's look at the advantages of editing yourself. In the end, most creators start by editing their own videos.

In terms of understanding the process of creating video content This is great! Before you take this path you should consider the costs that are hidden below the surface.

Pro: You master an entirely new, valuable skill.

At a young age in your journey of creativity, learning a new ability is thrilling. The desire to modify your video is an appropriate choice in this situation.

In the end, you'll be relying on income generated by your video. It's beneficial to be aware of the fundamentals in this field.

You may even discover that you are a fan of editing, and would like to create an income from editing.

Pro: No paying someone to do video editing.

The majority of new creators like to edit their own video because there is no need to pay for anyone else's services. Yes, it's technically speaking - less expensive.

But, there is at least one drawback to this notion:

Con: Time is money.

If you manage your own channel that you run, you're a creator as well as a business owner. Your schedule could be stressful and challenging to manage.

Editing a single clip can take hours from your daily routine. This is not even taking into account the time it takes to actually understand how to use professionally-designed software.

Each minute you're editing, you aren't focused on what's actually making you money - creating innovative content.

Con: Video editing quality.

Let's be honest. You're an artist and not an editor. Editing is a trade and professional editors have worked for years to perfect their skills. You're not in a position to master that at the level of professional editors.

If you're hoping to get as many followers as possible, you must make the best videos that you can in the shortest periods of time. That requires the use of professional editors.

The Verdict

Editing videos yourself is acceptable in the beginning when you're trying to get your feet of the ground. If you're ready to take it to the next level, it is advisable to leave editing to experts.

2. Employ a Freelance Video Editor

Freelancers are often the first thing that pops into videomakers’ minds when they think of outsourcing their video editing needs. Nowadays, this is pretty easy.

Big platforms such as upwork as well as Fiverr place freelancers around the world right at your fingertips.

This choice has plenty to offer, but there are a few important disadvantages.

Pro: No contract - no commitment.

Freelancers are generally employed per project and, in this instance, per video. It isn't necessary to sign any fancy contracts to hire them. If you have videos that you want to edit, just transfer the files to them.

If you aren't happy with their work, or discover someone else you like, there are no obligations to keep the first one. You're free to simply go onto another freelancer.

Pro: Professional, high-quality videos editing service.

A lot of great video editors work as freelancers.

This means you will get top-quality video editing on job boards or platforms for freelancers or platforms. If you're willing to spend the time and effort, you will find the right one.

Con A: Finding the perfect person can take some time.

A simple job application for freelance will get hundreds of responses. However, the vast majority of them will come from amateurs who aren't qualified.

The trick is going through the poor ones to locate the best one. This could take a significant amount of time. There's no guarantee that the candidate will be an ideal match. You'll know if you've had luck after the task is completed.

Con: Inconsistent availability.

Video editors on freelancing depend on a huge roster of clients for their livelihood. This means your work isn't always their top priority.

You'll need to adjust with waiting in queues until they've had the time to finish your video. In addition, if an editor in your team is sick or away on vacation You'll just need to wait.

Con: Costs.

The low-grade freelancers are often inexpensive. However, they will not offer the high-quality you're looking for. Professionals who are good at their job are never cheap.

They're also paying taxes on their revenue, not to mention their living expenses. Their rates are high to compensate for that.

If you're searching for an decent high-quality video editor, their prices can go up to several hundred dollars an hour. Editing even the smallest video may take quite a long time.

The Verdict

Freelancers work well in certain situations. For instance, if you prepare your content in advance - the availability won't be as much of a concern.

If you give them more videos to work on, however, the less effective they'll become. Scheduling can get tricky. If you intend to publish videos frequently, this inefficiency can be a major problem.

3. Hiring an Editor for your Videos on a  Full-Time basis

Employing your personal full-time video editor is not a common option. It has huge benefits over other alternatives. The downsides are just as vast, so very few creators choose this option.

Pro: Smooth workflow, quick turnaround.

For speed and workflow hiring an editor who is full-time is a great idea. An editor who is full time is an integral part of your company.

They adhere to the timeframe you have set to deliver you an end product that is completed within the shortest amount of time feasible. If you require an uploaded video in the evening, you can hire an editor who is full-time to make sure that the work is completed in time.

Pro: You will have more control over the final product.

An editor who's solely focused on your company is more adept at identifying your needs. That means they'll know exactly what kind of editing you prefer. They'll become proficient in bringing your dreams to reality.

You can tell them to acquire new skills as required, and be more involved in the way they work. They have clear priorities, and you'll never need to battle to get their attention and time.

Con: Hiring a permanent team member can be costly and time-consuming.

From all of the choices listed on this list, video editors in-house are the most costly. A professional video editor of high quality can be a hugely expensive exercise. Additionally there are a lot of difficult tax and legal requirements that come with hiring the company's own workers.

You'll need to offer full-time employees benefits such as health insurance and earned time off. Part-time employees, on the contrary, will be subject to a restriction on the number of hours they are able to be working in a given week. Employing an employee comes with a lot of unforeseen costs.

Con: To find the perfect person requires some time and energy.

The right candidate for the job will always be a struggle. However, when it comes to freelancers, it's simple to break the ties and leave.

Hiring the internal editor however, could easily cost you weeks of time in the event that you are doing it correctly. If you do it wrong, you could be waiting for months. Firing someone who is on your payroll in the end is more difficult than cutting off ties with freelancers.

The Verdict

Employing a full-time editor is a great option when you're producing dozens and dozens of videos per month, however it does require large sums of money and lots of commitment. If you're not in the position to be able to pay a fair amount or you don't want to be bound by a contract, stay clear.

4. Outsource to a dedicated Video Editing Company

The last alternative is outsourcing your editing work to a professional video editing team. 

Similar to other options there are cons to this approach. However, having an organization that is dedicated to a particular task has many important advantages.

Pro: They're reliable and well-adjusted to industry standards.

Companies that edit videos are experts in their field.

Editing is their line of business that is professionally organized and maintained to deliver the expected results.

These businesses are the most effective among the alternatives. They have processes in place to collaborate with many clients and do so in a manner that simplifies your life as a content creator.

Pro: You get access to the wide variety of editing and design services.

Video editing companies usually find the perfect balance in terms of value for budget.

Their transparent pricing will provide you with clarity about how much it'll cost you, and you'll be able to save time  every day which you can devote to your work.

You don't need to sign any lengthy contracts, although you will receive the same amount of commitment as you'd get from a full-time worker.

In the end, outsourcing to an editing service is the most cost-effective method.

Cons: The risks of selecting the wrong firm.

There are some dangers to outsourcing your editing.

In the first place, you need to ensure that they're reliable and professional.

Then, you must have a look at the work they do. Be sure that they have a quality website. It should include the portfolio that showcases their works, as well as the testimonials from their previous customers.