The Best Tipping Platforms for YouTubers in 2023

The Best Tipping Platforms for YouTubers in 2023

For YouTube creators seeking to increase the revenue of their channel tipster platforms can be an excellent alternative. It doesn't matter if you're beginning out or an experienced YouTuber.

The platforms allow your users to express their gratitude by leaving suggestions, making regular donations or joining a community of subscribers to get more content.

In this article we'll take a deeper review of the many benefits of tipping and donation platforms, and the top solutions available to meet your channel's needs.

What are the advantages in Tipping Platforms for YouTubers?

The rise of the creator economy has created an urgent need for a specific type of platform that allows users to leave feedback and make regular donations, with the capability to provide incentives. The options include subscription tiers, sales of merchandise, and fundraisers that have a goal.

As opposed to other monetization options available to YouTubers These tipping platforms don't have any entry requirements. the YouTube Partner Program which grants you access to advertising revenues and features such as Super Thanks, has specific conditions. Brands are unlikely to offer sponsorship if your channel is less than 3 days old :)

Tipping platforms allow you to make money from your channel once you've got a loyal audience, regardless of size. Do you have a single follower? Great! You can point them to your tip Jar.

In addition, these creator financing services typically also have a smaller percentage of the revenue than principal social media platforms which allow online the possibility of monetization. There are some that do require an annual subscription fee.

In addition, dedicated tipping platforms provide the option of branding and are able to be more innovative over social platforms. All of this makes them an excellent option to add to your YouTube strategy to monetize.

There's an array of tipping and subscription services out available. Some of them offer the basic tip-jar idea. Some extend this concept by offering subscriptions, and incentives, and then various tiers. There are membership-only websites like OnlyFans and business-in-a-box solutions which allow you to create your own application for your local community.

We've compiled our best choices.

Convert Kit's Tip Jar

For a start, if you want to learn the basics, you can use Tip Jar created by ConvertKit An email marketing firm. Tip Jar is simple and easy to use. It can be used as a separate page or connect it to all of your social media profiles.

You can also embed it into your website should you own one. Or include it in emails should you choose to utilise one of the other options. Sending your supporters a thank you email is a great idea, in all likelihood.

Your followers will be presented with an easy page with a handful of suggested amounts, however they are able to input your own custom amount.

The great thing of Tip Jar is the fact that it's part of ConvertKit's no-cost plan. In exchange, it gets an incredibly small percentage of 3.5 percent, plus $0.30 for every donation.

Pricing: This feature is available within all ConvertKit plans which includes the free plan (which allows as many as 1000 subscribers). If you exceed 1k email subscriptions, you'll require a higher-tier plan. It will begin at $25/month.

Commission: 3.5% per donation + $0.30


The next step is Patreon is perhaps the most well-known stand-alone payment and tipping platform. It's been in existence for quite several years, and is full of options.

The platform lets your followers join your newsletter and to support the incredible content you produce. You can provide your customers with various subscription levels, with different rewards and also post exclusive subscriber-only content.

One of the major advantages of Patreon is its compatibility with popular platforms such as Twitch, Vimeo, Discord and MailChimp and MailChimp, which means you can automate a variety of aspects of offering fans rewards. Members who are a certain level for instance, can be automatically granted a specific position in the Discord server.

Commissions and pricing Pricing and commission: There's no fee for signing up, however Patreon will receive a portion of the income. The amount of that cut depends upon the subscription plan that you select. It is possible to choose a Lite package, for example has a cut of the 5% mark, and Premium at 12.5%.

To top it all off on top of that, there are processing fees: 2.9% + $0.30 for any payment over $3 and 5% plus $0.10 for lesser amounts. All non-USD transactions will be converted and will increase the cost by 1-2%, based on what currency you are using.

We've put together a step-by-step guide to how to set up your own Patreon account. Here's how to set up an account on a Patreon account for your own channel.


Another excellent option is Ko-fi, which is a great subscription and tipping service for YouTubers.

Users can choose to sign up on a regular basis or give single-time tips. Additionally, Ko-fi has an online storefront, which allows you to market merchandise branded by channels along with digital items such as e-books and online courses.

One of the advantages of Ko-fi's pricing is that it is easy. The Gold plan costs a flat monthly cost of $8 ($6 when the plan is payable annually) It also eliminates any 5% cuts the platform typically uses on its free plan. The free plan also includes additional services including memberships and commissions.

Even when you're on the free plan, however, donations are transferred in the full amount (minus the processing fee charged by the payment processor).

Learn how to set up and set the Ko-fi you want to use!

Get me a coffee

Buy me a coffee similar to Ko-fi allows your users to make one-time contributions and also to sign up for an annual subscription that will help you over time.

One of the benefits of this system is its flexibility with regards to payment options. Your customers can pay using PayPal as well as credit cards, the Stripe platform, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Additionally, Buy me a Coffee also comes with a great mobile version, which offers a wealth of analytics information for creators without having to pay for an arm and a leg.

The platform takes the flat 5% of any revenue you earn from your advertisements. It's the same as the Patreon lowest tier, however it has a few extra options.


Based in Paris, France, Tipeee is a European tipping platform for tipping in Europe. It lets you offer single-time tips, recurring donations, and the option of goal- or project-based funding. Additionally, you can offer the tippers rewards in digital form.

As with other options on this list You can embed Tipeee onto your website or blog or blog, publish exclusive content, and connect it to platforms like Discord.

Overall, so far, very similar to the alternatives listed above. However, with TipeeeStream it gives you many more options for streamers. It lets you build an overlay that is custom to your stream to ensure that you can display any new tips and messages and also all sorts of statistics and info widgets.

This is a great method of motivating your audience members to get involved!

Another advantage of Tipeee which is crucial for streamers is the fact that it provides 24 hours technical assistance. It's not only in English but also available in German, French, and Italian.

Tipeee accepts commissions of 8 along with transaction fees, but there aren't any subscription fees.


Based in Cyprus The most notable feature of Destream as a tipping service is that it lets you make donations made in Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it accepts the credit card, PayPal, and ApplePay.

The features of Destream are varied. Apart from simple donation tips and recurring donations the site also offers an overlay creator for streaming like Tipeee's and also a marketplace.

Similar to Tipeee They also provide 24/7 multilingual assistance.

One major downside? Although Destream says they provide the most affordable commissions but you need to investigate a bit to discover what the fees actually cost. According to the terms of service, users will discover the figure as 4.77 percent, which includes the fee charged by the processor. is a service for linking to bios however, it has expanded to include donation capabilities. You can now manage a store for everything digital, accept requests for payment and accept tips, establish subscriptions, and create paywalled posts.

Your customers can pay using PayPal or credit card and you can also receive payouts through Stripe or PayPal. Stripe.

Pricing: Although there is the option of a free account but it's rather restricted. The features for monetization are included in paid plans, which begin with a price of $19/month per month for the Pro.

Charges claims that it doesn't charge transaction charges, this they don't get a portion of the money you make. However, the payment processors they will be taking about 3 percent of your earnings.


Linktree is, in the end, another platform for linking-in-bio. Its monetization options are less basic than's but it does provide "support-me links" for tips that are only available once as well as "request links" to purchase commissions or products for your Linktree website. At present, more than 30 million creators are on the platform, and they all have access to options for monetization.

This is because Linktree's monetization capabilities are available in the plan for free. Linktree currently does not charge transaction fee, apart from processing payments. Be aware, however, that this is noted as "for an indefinite period".

In the End: Most Effective Tipping Platforms for YouTubers

For YouTubers and a tipping platform, it is an excellent method of diversifying your income streams and earning passive income. Or less so when you offer a variety of rewards.

If you're seeking a basic tip-jar, an opportunity to create an organization for membership or an opportunity to sell your products There are many alternatives available. The above list should assist you in determining the best one for your requirements.

Ready? Start earning!